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Professional Advisors

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Environmental Services


We all have a responsibility to ensure that our actions will not have an adverse impact on the surrounding air, water, or land.   Our scientists are professionally trained in universally accepted western sciences.  We also have a unique ability to research, understand and integrate Traditional Knowledge Systems (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) into our work.  This is essential when working on, or in proximity to, Indigenous Lands. 

Our services in the area of Indigenous Environmental Services include:


Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Technical Services

Environmental Planning
Policy and Legislative Advisory Services

Project Coordination and Documentation

Indigenous / Traditional Knowledge (TEK) Studies

Independent Studies and Research

Environmental Education and Technical Training

Indigenous Engagement Services

Environmental Services
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Duty to consult an accommodte

Duty to Consult and

Accommodate Services


In Canada, the duty to consult and accommodate with Aboriginal peoples arises when the Crown contemplates actions or decisions that may affect an Aboriginal person's Aboriginal or Treaty rights.  The obligation to provide consultation and a decision-making process that is compatible with the honour of the Crown is embedded in Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982 and Treaties.  Our clients often seek our expertise in determining:

  • how to assess consultation requirements;

  • case law as it relates to the duty to consult;

  • Aboriginal and treaty rights, and strength of claim and treaty rights assessments;

  • how to identify potential adverse impacts of federal activities;

  • how to assess the scope of consultation and extent of accommodation required;

  • consultation agreements;

  • key elements of meaningful consultation processes;

  • coordination and reliance on existing process;

  • accommodation options, measures and approaches;

  • how to assess adequacy of consultations;

  • technical environmental assessments required to satisfy the Duty to Consult and Accommodate requirements.

Our services in the area of Indigenous consultation and accommodation include:

Indigenous Engagement Services

Indigenous Awareness Training

Community Meeting Facilitation, Planning and Hosting

Environmental Assessment Peer Review Support

Environmental Assessment Technical Research Support

Detailed Impact Assessment Support

Effective Indigenous Relations Training and Support

Indigenous Engagemet

Indigenous Engagement



Our team’s formal training and our demonstrated expertise in Indigenous engagements and formal consultations makes us custom built to undertake any Indigenous engagement project.   We have extensive experience and involvement in the development of Indigenous engagement strategies as well as planning and conducting Indigenous engagement activities.   


We are consistently retained by non-indigenous organizations to assist in meaningful consultation and engagement processes.  We strive to create safe spaces to learn, share, and foster respectful, reciprocal relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities and organizations.  Our team members hold personal certifications in IAP2, Gender Based Assessment Plus (GBA+) and First Nations Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP®) to ensure we complete our work in a ‘good’ Indigenous way.   Our services include:

Indigenous Engagement Plans

Indigenous Awareness Training

Diversity Planning and Training

Community Meeting Facilitation, Planning and Hosting

Master of Ceremonies and Speaking Services

Two Eyed Seeing Services

First Nation and Treaty Lands

First Nation Lands - Sunset - Environmen

Our company is located within the Williams Treaty territory.  Our communities have recently completed a 10+ year process affirming our collective land rights within this territory.  Our team lived through the ups and downs of negotiations as community members.  We lived through the successes and failures of the processes required to make informed decisions. 

This direct personal experience has allowed us to form a stronger evaluation framework for projects affecting Indigenous lands.  Our professionals will support your team’s effort in the development and management lands based projects.  Our services include:

First Nations Lands Management Act (FNMLA Services)

Technical Lands Research

Environmental Assessments

Land Code Development and Support

First Nation and Treaty Lands
First Nation Energy Planning

First Nation
Energy Planning


Our unique team, led by an Indigenous engineer, work with communities to help meet the increasing demands to reduce energy consumption and lessen the associated cost and impacts of energy on the environment.   We focus on assisting Indigenous Communities in the development of energy management plans based on the patterns of energy use. 

A comprehensive assessment will recognize potential areas of concern and provide recommendations that result in monetary savings as well as a reduction in the environmental impact of the community's energy consumption. Our team is also able to lead your community in the development of energy projects resulting from the implementation of energy plans.  We also provide sophisticated, one on one training for Community Energy Champions to assist them in building their own capacity to meet energy related objectives.  Our services include:

Community Energy Plans

Energy Related Proposal Development
Community Energy Champion Training and Support

Energy Project Engineering Services

Energy Project Community Consultation and Engagement

Economic communit and organizatinal development

Economic, Community + Organizational Development


Our services are designed to provide First Nations communities and organizations with advanced methods and techniques for planning, organizing, tracking, developing and controlling all sizes and types of First Nation community development.  We have over two decades of direct project management and support services experience.  Regardless of the size of your project, Cambium Indigenous Professional Services can help design, organize, plan, execute and support your project in accordance to your overall vision.

Allow us to help you plan for the future. We will work with your community to understand the needs and ideas of your community.  We will help realize your community's vision, meet with your members and leaders to understand the needs of your community and strive to help your community grow without adversely affecting the environment.  Our team members are recognized provincially and nationally and offer the following services:

Business Planning

Strategic Planning

Diversity Planning and Execution

Operational Reviews and Assessments

Financial Evaluations

first nation climate change evalution and adaptation services

First Nation Climate Change Evaluation + Adaptation


We understand that climate change can have far reaching impacts to First Nations communities.  It can affect the environment, ecosystems, infrastructure, and the economy.  The impacts of climate change are being observed by First Nations across Canada including:

  • Changes in the wetland areas

  • Changes in water levels (shoreline erosion and more weeds)

  • Changes in tree growth and development

  • Changes in the aquatic environment and species such as fish

  • Changes in the animal population

  • Changes in the seasons such as shorter and warmer winters, long and hot summers

  • More weather related emergencies

Our team are leaders in the field of First Nation climate change work and have spoken across Canada, the US and Mexico on our Indigenous climate change work.   Our services include:

Climate Change Adaptation and Implementation Planning

Climate Change Funding Programs and Applications

Climate Change Project Management

Climate Change Project Identification and Development

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments

Speaking and Education Services

first natio housng and infrastructure sevices

First Nation Housing + Infrastructure 

Energy Planning - Climate Adaptation - T

We will lead your team and work with our project partners who are recognized provincially and nationally in the areas of infrastructure management, First Nation housing management, active transportation, urban design, stakeholder engagement, and natural playground development.  In working with our team, you will receive quality and economic value that supports your project's success and community's well-being.  Our services include:


First Nation Housing Inventories
General Engineering Services

Housing As A Business (HaaB Planning and Support)

first nation food sustainability and security

First Nation Food Sustainability + Security

Food security, as defined by the United Nations' Committee on World Food Security, means that all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life. A sustainable food system integrates several components in order to enhance a community’s environmental, economic and social well-being.  It is built on principles that further the ecological, social and economic values of a community and region.

First Nations have unique opportunities and Traditional Knowledge Systems that make both a reality within our communities.  Our team helps practitioners develop projects to attain both food security and then food sustainability.  Our services include:

Food Security/Sustainability Project Development

Food Security/Sustainability Funding Programs and Applications

Community Food Security/Sustainability Project Management

Community Food Security/Sustainability Strengths Assessments

Traditional and Historical Food Assessments

Food Security/Sustainability Planning

First Nation Food Sustainability & Security
customize your project

Customize Your Project

Curve Lake First Nation - CIPS Office -

We specialize in creative project definition.  We find a way to develop and design projects to get the outcome you desire.  We provide creative solutions founded in both western science and Traditional Knowledge Systems. 


If you are not sure where to start and just want to talk it through with someone, we are a great first call.  No obligations, just direction and information to ensure that a project is designed with the best resources and the best project plan in place.

To discuss your opportunity, please schedule your Zoom call with our CEO, Michael Jacobs.


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