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Michael Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer

Anishnaabe from Curve Lake First Nation

Bachelor of Commerce, McMaster University

Spirit Statement

My spirit comes from my upbringing. Although I grew up in various cities, we always seemed to end up in Curve Lake on weekends surrounded by family, watching the Leafs or Blue Jays. I always played sports, but my most memorable youth teams were representing Curve Lake on the baseball diamond or at the Little NHL Hockey Tournament.


My grandfather was the Chief of our community and my father followed in his footsteps. Their passion for improving things overflowed at the dinner table.  Their lengthy, educated, heated discussions piqued my interest, educated me, and created a feeling inside me to do better for community members. Add in a formal commerce degree and over 30 years' experience, and I feel like I have developed a unique perspective on problem solving for First Nation communities. 


I didn't learn the language and would never be mistaken as a cultural leader. I am a businessman with a strong ability to translate First Nation-related project objectives into realistic, attainable solutions for Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients.


Corporate Highlights

Relevant Experience = 30+Years

--  Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS) - Chairman and CEO --

--  Canadian Council For Aboriginal Business (CCAB) - Executive Board Member, Aboriginal Programs Chair  --

--  Algonquin Business Interiors Inc. - Chairman and President  --

--  Four Directions Medical Supply Inc. – Sales Manager --

--  Green Eagle Solar Inc. -  Executive Board Member  --

--  Ohwistha Capital Corporation – Chairman of the Board  --​

--  Crane Aboriginal Management Services - Principal  --

--  Canadian Aboriginal Products International – Partner --

--  Aboriginal Business Canada (Industry Canada) – Regional Manager --

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Mike's Articles

1) Introduction to First Nation Engagement

This 30 minute presentation will help to identify those First Nation Engagement variables that can cause anxiety and how to eliminate these variables so that you can connect with your audience. This introduction to First Nation Engagement presentation will help you understand what engagement variables you need to consider and how to address them.  

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