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Engagement Plans

Why should you invest in an Indigenous Engagement Plan? Imagine investing without a plan. You may have success, but much of that success would be based in luck rather than efficient, effective strategies. Indigenous Engagement Plans reduce risk. Plain and simple.


Our plans are different than our competitors. Our plans are real. Our plans are effective. Our plans actually include Indigenous engagement activities that forge long lasting relationships. This is where your value is realized. We convert your Indigenous engagement into a project strength. One of the largest unknowns in many projects today is the reaction of the Indigenous community to your project.


We help you ascertain communities to be engaged, strategies to be used for each community, the correct budget that should be assigned to engagement and help you to determine the best path to a lasting relationship with communities impacted by developments.

To find out more about our Indigenous Awareness Training, please click here.


Welcome to CIPS

Welcome to CIPS

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Indigenous Awareness Guides and Webinars
(each opens in a new window):

1) How To Work With Indigenous Peoples

2) Achieving Effective and Meaningful Engagement with Indigenous Communities

3) Treaties 101

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