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Awareness Training

Canada is a culturally diverse country where many races, religions and languages come together.  Indigenous Canadians are one of those unique populations in Canada.  To say we can teach you about every heritage group, their core beliefs and their reactions to projects would be a lie.  There are many, many different types of Indigenous awareness training programs.   Ours serves your need to understand what you need to know to work with Indigenous populations.

Our training is for professional technicians, managers and politicians that are required, as a part of their job, to work with Indigenous communities.  Many people are armed only with grade 7 or 8 social studies projects as their foundations of Indigenous communities in Canada.  To build trust with your engagement partner, you need to know much more than that.

Our training program will answer your questions to ensure you have a confident vocabulary to respectfully conduct mutually beneficial business with Indigenous communities.  This program is designed to help you navigate the Indigenous world effectively.  Although we touch on areas of traditional teachings and how and why they are important, we don’t discuss ceremony or sacred events.  We teach you how to ask about what you don’t know in a way that is professional, ethical and not offensive.


Welcome to CIPS

Welcome to CIPS

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