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What Is A

Community Energy Plan?

A Community Energy Plan is a plan that identifies current energy usage, future energy needs, a community’s energy vision & goals, and an implementation plan for achieving the vision and goals. 


A Community Energy Plan helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity consumption at the community level. It also helps communities consider opportunities for renewable energy solutions, and can promote a greater interest, awareness and understanding about energy planning. 


A good energy planning process involves and educates the community and ensures the creation of a well-informed vision and goals that have community buy-in and support.  There are a variety of funding and support programs across Canada that assist with  

What are the steps in the Energy Planning Process?


  • Stage 1 - Understanding the Community Energy Landscape

  • Stage 2 - Convening Stakeholders and Building the Energy Team

  • Stage 3 - Community Engagement and Energy Education

  • Stage 4 - Developing a Community Energy Vision

  • Stage 5 - Assessing Energy Needs and Resources

  • Stage 6 - Identifying Specific Energy Goals and Projects

  • Stage 7 - Creating the Business Case

  • Stage 8 - Implementing Energy Project Plans

  • Stage 9 - Monitoring, Reviewing, and Altering Plans

Energy Planning Resources

Support for Indigenous Community Energy Planning


IESO Indigenous Relations


Indigenous Clean Energy Programs

Need help with your community energy planning? Our team of energy experts can answer any question (s) you may have. Give us a call today at 705-657-1126 or by email at


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