Technical Services

We offer many environmental technical services to ensure that any activities will not have an adverse impact on surrounding air, water, or land.


At CIPS, our engineers, hydrogeologists, ecologists, geographic information specialists, technologists and technicians have over 20 years of experience, and are able to support your community when environmental issues need to be considered and addressed.


Environmental Technical Services offered at CIPS are Environmental Assessments, Indigenous engagement and the duty to consult, environmental impact studies, wildlife habitat assessments, aquatics and fisheries habitat assessments, ecological land classification, wetland evaluation and classification, tree studies, water impact studies, and MTO RAQS based assessments.

Municipal, Provincial and Federal Environmental Assessments

Indigenous Engagement

Environmental Impact Studies

Wildlife Habitat Assessments

Aquatics and Fisheries Habitat Assessments

​​Ecological Land Classification

Wetland Evaluation and Classification

Arborist Reports/Tree Studies

Water Impact Studies

MTO RAQ Assessments


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