Environmental Assessment And

Environmental Impact Assessment 

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Strategic Environmental Services

Strategic Environmental Assessments show ways to increase the positive impacts of the proposal, help avoid negative impacts of the proposal on the environment and human health, show possible cumulative effects, as well as possible problems early which can save time and money in the future.

CIPS staff can work to ensure that a Strategic Environmental Assessment is completed with the identification and collection of site specific environmental information.



Effect Assessment

In A Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA) evaluates effects over a regional area and are used to identify potential effects to an entire ecosystem.


This assessment is based on environmental interactions with all possible actions. CEA's occur during a longer period of time than a normal environmental assessment, as they include other past, existing and future actions.

An environmental impact assessment (EA) is an evaluation of the environment within an areas of stydy that will be affected by a proposed project. It is used to predict environmental effects of a proposed development before it is carried out.

This includes the identification of habitat, species, and potential environmental hazards and impacts to the project area. Environmental Assessments results in the identification of actions that may be necessary to prevent or mitigate adverse effects.

The process requires a careful assessment of impacts of a proposal on the natural, social, cultural, and economic aspects of the community. CIPS field staff specialize in the identification and collection of relevant information which wil form the basis technically sound community-based solutions.






A regulatory agency is a public authority or government agency responsible for regulating some area of human activity.  Our team is able to assist you to navigate their requirements.


Net Gain and Overall
Benefit Analysis

For more information on our Net Gain and Overall Benefit Analysis, please contact us.


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring ensures that any potential adverse impacts of projects will be documented to determine the need and efficacy of mitigation measures.

Environmental monitoring includes surveying and sampling different environmental factors over the long-term to determine and identify any potential adverse impacts of projects and mitigation measures.


Impact Assessment

 A Social Impact Assessment is a process used to inform of possible consequences of projects to social well-being.

This includes the identification and management the social impacts of industrial products, policies, plans.


Approvals Coordination

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