Environmental Assessment and

Environmental Impact Assessment

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EA) is an evaluation of the environment within an area of study that will be affected by a proposed project.  It is used to predict environmental effects of a proposed development before it is carried out.  

This includes the identification of habitat, species, and potential environmental hazards and impacts to the project area.  Environmental Assessments result in the identification of actions that may be necessary to prevent or mitigate adverse effects.


The process requires a careful assessment of impacts of a proposal on the natural, social, cultural, and economic aspects of the community. CIPS field staff specialize in the identification and collection of relevant information, which will form the basis for technically sound, community-based solutions.

Our unique service line associated with Environmental Assessments includes:​

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Cumulative Effects Assessment

Regulatory Agency Engagement

Net Gain & Overall Benefit Assessment

Mitigation Design and Implementation

Environmental Monitoring

Social Impact Assessment

Approvals Coordination


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