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First Nation

Land Relationship Visioning Training

About this Course:

This program was designed by CIPS with professional guidance from the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Ontario Aboriginal Lands Association to assist First Nation practitioners to understand, research and document their unique perspective on their land.  This perspective will inform contemporary land use planning processes and capture the spaces, species, culture and unique identity of your relationship with your lands. 

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What You Will Learn...

The Land Relationship Vision training course is designed to assist those First Nation professionals assigned with land use planning tasks in their community.  The land use planning process doesn’t always reflect the community’s unique ties to the land.  This training will help you to:

  • identify your community’s unique spaces to ensure they are protected in land use processes. 

  • identify species of significance to your community that may not be a formal Species at Risk, but would require the same level of protection based on your community’s relationship with the land.

  • use the Office Based tools provided to document the process

  • document, design and develop a Community Land Relationship Vision aimed at supporting your Land Use Planning activities.

Course Downloads:

Your Land Relationship Visioning Toolkit includes the following components (click to view or download):​

View Slide Deck on YouTube
Download Excel Based
Land Relationship Vision Training Support Tools
Download Word Based
Land Relationship Vision Training Support Tools

  • YouTube

If you are a First Nation community and/or have connectivity issues, we would be happy to send you these files through the mail.  To get your kit, sign up below!

If you would like to learn more about this program or other trainings that we offer, please contact our Indigenous Aware Coordinator, Tiffany Taylor.

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