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Awareness Training

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Canada is a culturally diverse country where many races, religions and languages come together.  Indigenous Canadians are one of those unique populations in Canada.  To say we can teach you about every heritage group, their core beliefs and their reactions to projects would be a lie.  There are many, many different types of Indigenous awareness training programs.   Ours serves your need to understand what you need to know to work with Indigenous populations.

At the present time, we ask you to please contact our CEO directly to discuss the various types of training programs we offer.  From 60 minutes to full week sessions, your team will improve immediately following our custom sessions.  

At CIPS we offer the following sessions:

1. Indigenous Awareness Lunch and Learns:  These short one to one and a half hour sessions target a key piece of information that you may require.  For instance, we have a specific Lunch and Learn on Treaty Awareness (focussed on Williams Treaty negotiations).  We also have short sessions on, The Indian Act, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report and  Calls to Action, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRP), The Residential School System and Indian Day Schools.

2. Half Day Indigenous Awareness Session:  These sessions are a bit longer and are better suited to organizations, companies or municipalities beginning to build relationships with First Nation communities.  If you are engaging in the Duty to Consult and Accommodate process or getting ready to do business with First Nations, these sessions work help participants to form new relationships or build on existing relationships with the Indigenous community.  It is important to contact our Indigenous Aware Coordinator to help us put together the information that targets your team’s needs.

Our approach to Indigenous Engagement and Awareness

3. Customized Indigenous Awareness Training:  Our one to four day sessions are custom built around your team’s, organization’s or municipalities direct indigenous awareness needs.  These sessions build on your internal objectives and will assist your team’s journey to Reconciliation.  We understand organizational behaviour and will work to ensure that your objectives are met across your entire organization.

Please see the following pages for additional Indigenous Awareness Training:


Indigenous Awareness (Part 1: Residential schools and Truth and Reconciliation)

Indigenous Awareness (Part 2: The Basics)

Indigenous Awareness (Part 3: The Importance of Treaties)

If you are the team member assigned to investigating Indigenous Awareness Training for your group, we ask you to please contact us directly to discuss the various types of training programs we offer.  You can also set up a short consultation meeting with our CEO, Mike Jacobs directly to help you with your Indigenous Awareness questions and answers.


If you engage with us, either for 15 minutes to a full week, in person or via Zoom, your team will improve immediately following our time spent with you.

Below are some great resources to help you get started.

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