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What Does Sweetgrass Look Like?

Updated: May 12, 2022

(Video transcript below)

You can see how shiny it is, right? That is one of the tells for sweetgrass. To really make sure that it's sweetgrass because there are other grasses that can grow like that (shiny hue), is that you look at the stem of it (that's into the ground). The purple (colour on the stem) is the identifier of whether it is sweetgrass or not (as well as the smell). Ideally, you dont' want to try not to pull the root out but if you do pull the root out, take it off and put it back where you got it from.

What I've been taught is that (sweetgrass) is the kindness medicine. Each blade of sweetgrass (there's 3 strands) that you braid together which represents physical, mental and emotional and mind, body and soul. In each of those 3 strands of sweetgrass that are braided together there are actually 7 pieces of (sweet) grass that you are supposed to have in each of those strands that represent the Seven Grandfather teachings.

What does sweet grass look like?

1) Sweetgrass will be shiny in appearance;

2) Sweetgrass will have a purple root;

3) You can smell sweet grass when you get close to it or when you hold a blade of grass up to your nose

Shiny appearance of sweetgrass
Sweetgrass will be shiny in appearance
What does sweetgrass look like
Pulling sweetgrass out from the root

the purple root colour of sweetgrass
Sweetgrass root will be purple in appearance

The purple root of sweetgrass

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