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Seeding Relationships to Heal the Land

For this year's International Womxn’s Day we want to honor the many talented, brave, resilient womxn leading the charge in stewardship and in the environmental sector. We know that womxn’s voices are often the first ones advocating for the land but may not always be heard or recognized in top-down patriarchal societies.

Womxn Bringing Knowledge to Practice Virtual Forum will shift that narrative and open a dialogue focusing on what these diverse womxn are doing in their work and lives. This forum aims to honor their hard work, tremendous care, and commitment to sustaining and strengthening connections between people and the land.

We will dive deep into what kinship and connection looks like from an intersectional lens and how diverse communities are building reciprocal relationships to the land. Let's celebrate these womxn as we amplify the importance of the work they are leading. Lastly, let's explore what inspires these womxn and how we can further push the limits today for a better future tomorrow.

March 8, 2023 from 12:45 - 3:30pm


Keynote Speaker: Larissa Crawford, Founder, Future Ancestors Services

Panelists: Martina Albert, Indigenous Community Liaison, Plenty Canada

Kerry-Ann Charles, Environment Partnership Co-ordinator, Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS)

Aranya Iyer, Co-Founder, Field Research in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Diversified (FREED)

Sriranjini Raman, Founder, Nurture

Grace Saunders-Hogberg, UAV Drone Operator

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