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Invasive Species Grant Opportunity Available!

Sunshine in ther forest
Invasive Species Grant Fund

The Invasive Species Centre has just launched their grant program, the Invasive Species Action Fund which supports on the ground action for invasive species, planning, mapping and management.

The call for proposals is now open and will be taking applications until April 11, 2024. This is a new grant program that will support the goals and objectives identified in the Ontario Invasive Species Strategic Plan which includes:

  • To prevent new invaders from arriving and surviving in Ontario;

  • To slow, and where possible reverse, the spread of existing invasive species, and

  • To reduce the harmful impacts of existing invasive species

There are 3 Invasive Species Action Fund funding streams available:

  • Stream 1: Microgrants available up to $2,500

  • Stream 2: Accelerated impact grants available up to $10,000

  • Stream 3: Transformative Action grants available up to $25,000 (exceptional projects up to $50,000 will be considered)

The Invasive Species Action Fund is available to Indigenous Communities and Groups.

Successful recipients will be notified late April / early May 2024 with agreements being signed late May. For more information please visit the Invasive Species Centre here.


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