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Kassandra McKeown

Environment Team Member

Anishnaabe-KWe from Alderville First Nation

Spirit Statement

My spirit comes from my pride. I am a proud Anishnaabe Kwe from Alderville First Nation, with a passion for the protection of Shkagamik-Kwe (Mother Earth) and all of her relations. I grew up in Alderville First Nation with my sisters, where my mother instilled that pride and passion I carry today.

I grew up surrounded by many strong community leaders, including my late grandfather who was a past chief and councillor, and who sat on many community committees, those of which I am a part of today. It wasn’t until recently I found out that my grandfather had been an integral part in the establishment of protection of the Alderville Black Oak Savanna, a place I consider vitally important to the path I am on today. When I began working as a student at the Alderville Black Oak Savanna I found my passion for environmentalism.  

I was the first person in my family to attend University, where I graduated with an Arts degree in Law and Indigenous Studies. I then pursued a post-graduate certificate of Environmental Planning, which allowed me to bring my personal and professional experiences, education, along with my pride and passion together.

At CIPS, my goal is to work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to engage in meaningful conservation efforts that protect Shkagamik-Kwe for future generations. 

Kassies Korner

Discussing nature, conservation and all things environmental.

1) Painted Turtles....Is It a Boy or a Girl?


Ever wonder how to tell a male or female painted turtle apart? In this video, I will explain how to tell the difference between a male and female painted turtle.

Painted Turtles...Is It A Boy or A Girl?

2) What are Sensitive Ferns?


Sensitive ferns are a type of fern that are partial to wet and moist conditions under slightly, sunny and shady areas. The sensitive fern has a certain gift that are indicative of this important compound in the ground!

See this page: What Are Sensitive Ferns?

3) What is Shoreline Water Erosion?


Shoreline erosion is a soil degradation process caused by water, wind, ice and gravity. Over time these forces erode and displace the soil along the shoreline. Although a natural process, soil displacement and degradation can be accelerated by man made shorelines which remove shoreline vegetation.

To find out more, please see:
What is Shoreline Water Erosion? 


4) What is Shoreline Bank Stabilization?

Shoreline bank stabilization is a concern for most homeowners who have cottages and homes beside lakes, rivers and ponds. In this article I am going to discuss how this tree can help stabilize your shoreline and protect your property from water erosion.

To find out more, see this page: What is Shoreline Bank Stabilization?

5) Painted Turtle Egg Hatching Times


Female painted turtles will lay her eggs in the late spring / early summer. She will dig up a hole (essentially) and lay her eggs into their nest and cover it back up. From there the mother will go back into the water and her babies will emerge in the fall where they will live their lives.

See this page for more information: Painted Turtle Egg Hatching Times?

6) Watershed Magazine Environmental Champion!

This is such an honor! I am proud to say that I have been included as one of the 6, Northhumberland Watershed Magazine Environmental Champions.  

You can read more at: Watershed Environmental Champion


7) What is Land Relationship Visioning Training


This is a unique  look at Indigenous Land Use Planning that incorporates traditional land use practices with Indigenous land perspectives.

See this page for more information: Indigenous Land Use Planning - Land Relationship Visioning

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