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Kassandra McKeown

Environment Team Member

Anishnaabe-KWe from Alderville First Nation

Spirit Statement

My spirit comes from my pride. I am a proud Anishnaabe Kwe from Alderville First Nation, with a passion for the protection of Shkagamik-Kwe (Mother Earth) and all of her relations. I grew up in Alderville First Nation with my sisters, where my mother instilled that pride and passion I carry today.

I grew up surrounded by many strong community leaders, including my late grandfather who was a past chief and councillor, and who sat on many community committees, those of which I am a part of today. It wasn’t until recently I found out that my grandfather had been an integral part in the establishment of protection of the Alderville Black Oak Savanna, a place I consider vitally important to the path I am on today. When I began working as a student at the Alderville Black Oak Savanna I found my passion for environmentalism.  

I was the first person in my family to attend University, where I graduated with an Arts degree in Law and Indigenous Studies. I then pursued a post-graduate certificate of Environmental Planning, which allowed me to bring my personal and professional experiences, education, along with my pride and passion together.

At CIPS, my goal is to work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to engage in meaningful conservation efforts that protect Shkagamik-Kwe for future generations. 

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