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What is Shoreline

Water Erosion?

Here we have an example of a shoreline that could use a little bit of extra help. We have an example of what the shoreline should look like versus what it shouldn't look like. This is important for people that are developing on a shoreline or who have property such as cottages and homes on the shoreline.

Here we have the grass where it's cut, right up to the water versus a natural shoreline.

What makes a natural shoreline much more important and effective for shoreline stabilization is that the roots of these plants actually hold the earth together.

This helps for a stable shoreline and it also help to filter off any chemicals that might be running off and into the lake. It also helps to provides a lot of riparian habitat which is the habitat that's in between the land and the water is very important for a lot of species. 


However, most importantly, it stabilizes the shoreline to help with soil erosion and other kinds of erosion that we want to stay away from.

Although a nice lawn right up to the water might look nice, it's actually not beneficial to the environment.


Healthy Natural Shoreline


Man Made Shoreline

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