Gary Pritchard, BSc., EP

Manager of Environment and Consultations

Anishnaabe from Curve Lake First Nation

Fish and Wildlife, Sir Sandford Fleming College

Professional Scientist Certification, University of New Brunswick

Spirit Statement

My spirit comes from my personal journey and experiences. I grew up living off reserve in the City of Peterborough.  We always seemed to end up at Curve Lake on the weekends, surrounded by family, watching the hockey game, or being out on the water.  My family often joked that I would be at the dock or out on the water from sunrise to sunset, fishing for sharks. It was not a surprise to my family that I took an interest in ecology with a specialization in freshwater fish. It was through this love for the environment I was able to meet and work with Indigenous communities throughout Canada.

We rarely spoke the language in our home, however, in my learning journey I was able to listen and learned about our history, language, and ceremonies from a number of great teachers who took me into their home and continue to teach me to this day.

I began to learn how to pair our traditions with my Western Science understanding to create a balance of co-management/governance, which then can be shaped and brought to life into realistic attainable solutions for our Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients.

Corporate Highlights

Relevant Experience = 17 Years

--  Ontario Parks – Field Ecologist --

--  Park Canada – Field Ecologist  --

--  Anishinabek Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre – Field Biologist and Senior Biologist  --

--  Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources-Field Biologist --

--  Golder Associates Ltd – Senior Field Biologist  --

--  Neegan Burnside – Director of Environment and Consultations  --​

--  Skelton Brumwell and Associates – Director of Environment and Consultations Boards and Affiliations  --

--  Water First – Indigenous Board Member --

--  Rain It In – Indigenous Board Member --

--  Ontario Biodiversity Council – Board Member --

--  Headwaters Steering Committee – Board Member  --

--  Southern Ontario Stream Monitoring and Restoration Team- Board Member  --

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