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IESO Energy Support Programs for Indigenous Communities

The following overview of IESO energy support programs is for Indigenous communities. These programs are designed to help First Nation and Metis communities with their energy needs including capacity, energy planning and energy solutions.

If you have any questions about IESO programs or funding, please contact us. We deal extensively with the IESO and have a detailed understanding of all programs. Call us at (705) 657-1126 or by email at

Overview of IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) Funding Programs

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is part of the Ontario electricity system.

The IESO is responsible for:

- Managing the needs (supply and demand of the electricity system in real time;

- Planning for Ontario's future energy needs; and

- Enabling conservation

The IESO offers a suite of 4 energy related funding programs specific to First Nation and Metis communities.

1) Indigenous Community Energy Plan (ICEP)

2) Community Energy Champion (CEC)

3) Education and Capacity Building (ECB)

4) Indigenous Energy Projects (IEP)

Here is a short overview of each of the 4 energy related funding programs specific to First Nation and Metis communities,

Indigenous Community Energy Plan (ICEP)

- Formerly the Aboriginal Community Energy Plan (ACEP) program

- The ICEP program support First Nation and Metis communities and organizations to develop and maintain community energy plans

- Major aims are to enhance community energy security (access to cost effective energy), increase conservation and efficiency, investigate renewable energy solutions, and promote energy awareness and understanding

- Indigenous communities can use this funding to complete their community energy plan

- Funding is available to update an Indigenous communities energy plan every 2 years. An Indigenous (or Metis) community can apply for funding to update their community energy plan.

Community Energy Champion (CEC)

- This is a relatively new program

- Funding to hire an designated energy human resource to focus on energy related priorities

- Funding is typically for a period of up to 3 years

- Indigenous communities can reapply once the funding period is over (provided that the CEC program still exists)

- Indigenous communities should try to build a case to continue the CEC position and find alternative funding as a back up.

Education and Capacity Building (ECB)

- The ECB program supports energy awareness, education, and training initiatives within First Nation and Metis communities.

- All funding under the ECB must be related to "capacity building" within the community

- ECB funding is typically over an 18 month period

- ECB funding extensions can be requested

- Additional ECB funding may be available. It is important to apply for ECB funding at each intake interval.

Indigenous Energy Project (IEP)

- The Indigenous Energy Project (IEP) program supports "supply side" solutions within First Nation and Metis communities

- IEP funding must be related to energy generation (particularly renewable or other innovative technologies) or transmission projects

- IEP funding towards the assessment and development of partnerships is also available (for energy generation or transmission projects)

- IEP funding will only cover a portion of the total project cost (up to a