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Cedar Tree Tea Benefits

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Video transcription:

The main (medicinal) purpose of the cedar, from what I've been told is that it is a medicinal medicine that can be ingested (drank) in a tea form but also, just the vapors of the cedar can help with those respiratory issues. Cedar (in this time of Covid) is one of those medicines that a lot of people are picking up (just) to boil so that good medicine is in the steam form (within our homes). Also, as a tea to help build up the immunity in your body to help fight viruses (IE: Covid).

You can also bath in Cedar which is a good way to help with those kinds of ailments and sicknesses. Cedar helped with scurvy upon contact with the Non-Indigenous population

who were dying from diseases such as scurvy. It was the Indigenous people that introduced them (Non Indigenous population) to Cedar and help them survive (I guess). End transcription Cedar tea has an abundance of health benefits due to its chemical make up which is made up of 3 key compounds. Each of these powerful, medicinal compounds have healing

properties that when taken in the correct amounts can have a positive health impact. These compounds are Cedrol, Cedrine and Thujopsene and have the following health benefits:

  • Antiseptic which can help dissinfect

  • Anti-inflmmatory which can help reduce pain and inflammation

  • Antispasmodic which can help reduce muscle cramps and spasms

  • Astringent which can help improve skin condition

  • Antifungal which can help combat fungal infections

  • Sedative to help improve mood and sleep patterns

  • Insecticide

  • Expectorant to help with mild respiratory problems

The fragrance in Thujopsene provides a soothing, almost sedative scent that is used shampoos, deodarants, body sprays and a host of other self care products. Cedar tree tea

has numerous health benefits that can help improve mental acuity and physical health.

Cedar tree tea benefits:

1) Cedar helps with respiratory issues

2) Cedar helps boost the bodies immune system

3) Cedar helps to purify indoor air

4) When boiled as a tea, Cedar helps reduce the severity of fevers and sickness

5) Cedar can help relieve chest cold and flu symptoms

Cedar Tree
Cedar tree in winter
Cedar tree branch and bracts (modified leaves)
The fused leaves (Bracts) of the cedar tree
Cedar branches ready for making cedar tea
Cedar bract (leaf)
Cedar tree tea!

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