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Why Is Indigenous Awareness Training Important?

Today, we are joined by Kerry Ann Charles (CIPS Indigenous Environment Partnership Coordinator) to discuss Indigenous Awareness Training. Kerry Ann will help shed some light on why Indigenous Awareness Training is so important.

Below is a transcription of the interview


Thank you for joining us today Kerry Ann. I wanted to ask you a question about Indigenous Awareness Training.

Why is Indigenous Awareness Training Important?

Wow, what a great question Blake. Indigenous Awareness Training is so important from my perspective because really, it is the foundation for everything (here in Canada). Without that

knowledge of that foundation and where we are today in the present, it's really hard to prepare and plan for our future (next future generation).

For me, Indigenous Awareness Training is really understanding where you live and the people that protected, preserved and sustained that environment (which sustains us now) before you were actually here.

Who do you think can benefit the most from Indigenous Awareness Training?

I think everybody, all of society can benefit from Indigenous Awareness Training. I think the people that will benefit most from Indigenous Awareness Training and the Indigenous

Awareness Training that is happening now (and into the future) are our youth.

Our youth are our future leaders who are going to take everything we that has accumulated to the point where we are at right now in terms of biodiversity crisis, the climate crisis, (and) the marginalized communities.

Our youth will be able to understand and acknowledge the wrongs and help to create solutions and rectify all that is wrong within our society for our future generations for having a positive and sustainable environment to thrive and survive in.

Chi miigwetch Kerry Ann


Kerry Ann Charles - Indigenous Partnership Co-ordinator

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