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Pollution Probe's 2020 Conference & Gala

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Join our very own Kerry-Ann Charles (CIPS Environment Partnership Coordinator) and Michael Jacobs (CIPS CEO) at this year's Pollution Probe’s annual conference and gala entitled "Pollution Probe’s N-O-T (Not Our Typical!) Conference & Gala" on Tuesday, November 17 at 1 PM. This year’s conference and gala will focus on key elements of environmental protections that will help ensure that social equity becomes a fundamental part of sustainable development.

The event will feature two panel discussions that will examine 1) the equitable access to clean and healthy environments; and 2) the equitable participation in climate change solutions.

Panel 1 will examine the disproportionate burden placed on vulnerable and marginalized communities with respect to environmental pollutants, and the gaps between people of different socioeconomic backgrounds with respect to access to clean energy, water, transportation, and other elements of a low-carbon society.


Michael Jacobs (CIPS, CEO)


Kerry-Ann Charles (CIPS, Environment Partnership Coordinator)

Dr. Anna Banerji (Faculty Lead, Indigenous and Refugee Health, Post MD Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto)

Dr. Heather Castleden (Canada Research Chair in Reconciling Relations for Health, Environments, Communities, Queens University)

Ana Gonzalez Guerrero (Co-Founder and Managing Director, Youth Climate Lab)

Panel 2 will discuss how to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to provide input into approaches to addressing climate change, environmental degradation and human health challenges, as well as the opportunity to actively contribute to efforts within these areas.


Chris Henderson (Executive Director, Indigenous Clean Energy and Chair, GLOBE Series)


Sam Arons (Director of Sustainability, Lyft)

Dr. Runa Das (Assistant Professor, Royal Roads University)

Armi De Francia (Active Transportation Coordinator, Town of Ajax)

AJ Esquega (Mashkawiziiwin Energy Projects Coordinator, Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek - Gull Bay First Nation)

Meaghon Reid (Executive Director, Vibrant Calgary)

CIPS is honoured to be a part of Pollution Probe's N-O-T (Not Our Typical!) Conference & Gala and look forward to participating in this very important conference and gala. This is a FREE event and open to everyone. To register, please see the Pollution Probe's sign up page at:

For more information on the event, please see Pollution Probe's event page at:

Date of event: Tuesday, November 17 starting at 1 PM

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