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Eastern America Toad Fun Facts

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

This is the American Toad (Eastern American Toad).

Place of origin of the Eastern American Toad:

It's place of origin is in my backyard, Ontario Canada.

The range of species of the Eastern American Toad:

The range of species can be found from Canada to the United States. You can find this species from Labrador to Alabama, from Nova Scotia to Manitoba.

How to identify the Eastern American Toad:

1) You can identify this species by the black spots on its back

2) It has (usually) one to two warts in black spots on its body

3) It has a white belly covered in dark spots

4) It will have a high pitched trilling call

5) Males will have a darker throat and are smaller compared to females

6) The toad is a medium sized critter about 1 to 9 cms in length (the record size is 11 cms)

The status of the Eastern American Toad:

The current status is of least concern meaning that it has a stable population. This toad is a good find in your backyard, around parks and around ponds.


The Eastern American Toad live in most forested areas of Canada and Eastern United States.

Do the Eastern American Toad hibernate? Yes, they will hibernate just under the frost line during the winter months.These toads are usually the last of the amphibian family to enter hibernation. The Eastern American Toad will emerge from hibernation in the spring.


Males reach reproduction age at 2 years of age while females at 3 years of age. Females will lay up to 15,000 eggs which hatch into tadpoles in 7 to 10 days. Tadpoles become small toads in two months.

How long does the Eastern American Toad Live?

This depends on the environment and conditions but these toads can live up to 10 years (wither in captivity or the very lucky ones in the natural environment). The average lifespan is around 7 years. What does the Eastern American Toad eat?

They will eat anything they can catch! This includes beetles, spiders, flies, mosquitos, slugs, black flies, mites, ants...whatever is available and they are able to handle. They will use their tongue (which extends outward) to snatch unsuspecting prey.

This is the Eastern American Toad
The Eastern American Toad

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