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Announcing The Water Table - Ontario’s Webinar on Water

Life depends on fresh water, but we often take it for granted.

According to the Provincial Policy Statement, land use planning authorities should be “using the watershed as the ecologically meaningful scale for integrated and long-term planning”.

Is our system of watershed planning and management up to the task to safeguard Ontario’s environmental, social, and economic future?

Join us to hear the perspectives of three widely-respected professionals: Jack Imhof, Mark Peacock, and Kerry-Ann Charles.

Please join us at The Water Table for presentations, discussion, and collective action to better protect this precious resource.

Join us for at 6:30 pm March 31 for The Importance of Watershed Management to Ontario’s Future Wellbeing, with Jack Imhoff, Mark Peacock, and Kerry-Ann Charles. See the full agenda and register here.

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