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Kaitlyn Brant

Technical Advisor, Energy &

Mohawk from Tyendinaga Mohawk territory

masters degree, mining engineering, Queens University

Spirit Statement

She:kon, my name is Kate and I am Mohawk from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

I grew up off-reserve in Upstate New York, on the South shore of Oneida Lake. I have many fond memories of connecting with the water there – it was where I went to play, reflect, and spend quality time with my family. I believe that my strong connection to the Earth came from these experiences as a child.


This connection eventually led me to pursue an education in geological engineering. I still find myself gravitating toward the outdoors if I have free time or need to re-center. I enjoy climbing, hiking, camping, and swimming, especially with my dogs.

After coming to Ontario for school, I began my journey to reconnect with my community and redefine what Indigeneity means to me. I have been able to learn, celebrate, and enjoy in community and for that I am so grateful. I had many opportunities to do so throughout my education and eventual employment at Queen’s University. Notably, I had the opportunity to experience fantastic mentorship from a fellow Mohawk woman who taught me what it means to be strong, soft, and effectively work for our people.

It has been a privilege to be able to build my skills for our community, help my family reconnect with our Mohawk relatives, and share the knowledge that I have learned. It has been important for our family, with my father also growing up off-reserve and my grandfather having left our community as a youth.


I am proud to give back to our family in this way. My father and grandfather are some of the brightest people I know, showing me how to work hard, love hard, and laugh hard like our people do. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

It has always been my goal to combine my lived experience and technical background and I am proud to be here. I aspire to combine my strong technical ability with the care and sensitivity that is needed when working with and for Indigenous people. I believe I will be able to pursue this at CIPS and look forward to the continuing journey ahead together.  

Education Highlights

--Undergraduate Degree, Geological Engineering, Queen’s University
--Master’s Degree, Mining Engineering, Queen’s University
--Indigenous Community Outreach Coordinator, Queen’s University


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Hand holding feather_forefinger.jpg
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