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Participation Plans & Procurement

Aanii everyone,

Corey Kinsella here from Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS). I'm here today to talk about Indigenous Participation Plans and what that means for your potential bids and your processes.

As of 2020 the Federal Government (of Canada) has implemented a mandate to introduce a 5% minimum Indigenous participation spend (for these types of federal procurement). I want to offer the services here at CIPS (Cambium Indigenous Professional Services) in house that might help you navigate the Indigenous Participation Program and understand the process and how we are uniquely positioned to help out in this area.

CIPS is located on Curve Lake First Nation and offers a unique variety of services from duty to consult, Indigenous awareness and engagement training as well as a full suite of environmental services and climate change adaptation and resiliency services.

(For a complete list of services,
please click here)

These service options are available "in house" and can help your (IPP) Indigenous Participation Plans, how they can be structured and how you can meet your targets for these Federal procurement (programs).

Thank you - Miigwetch

To find out more about how CIPS can help you and your organization with your Indigenous Participation Plans and Federal Procurement, please call us at (705) 657-1126 or by email at:

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