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Two Eyed

Seeing Services

Mi’kmaq Elder Albert Marshall (Eskasoni, Nova Scotia – Traditional Territory of Mi’kma’ki) coined the English phrase “Two-Eyed Seeing” many years ago for a guiding principle found in Mi’kmaq Knowledge as reflected in the language.  


Two Eyed Seeing in his language is known as Etuaptmumk.  Two-Eyed Seeing / Etuaptmumk encourages the realization that beneficial outcomes are much more likely in any given situation if we are willing to bring two or more perspectives into play.

Our team offers services, primarily engagement sessions, where multiple views need to reviewed, exchanged and most importantly, heard.  This type of engagement is intended to bring differing knowledge together to make outcomes the best they possibly can be. 


Many people leave these events exhausted - mentally and emotionally drained from actively pursuing a ‘good outcome’.  Many people also leave the events inspired, ready to tackle a challenge that might have seemed overwhelming prior to the session.