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Shayne Hill, P.Eng

Manager, Energy and Infrastructure

mohawk from six Nations of the grand river

Bachelor of Engineering, McMaster University

Spirit Statement

My home community is Six Nations, Ontario. I come from a long line of hard working people. My mother and grandmothers all worked in the health care field. My father, uncles, and grandfather all worked in construction.

Growing up, I have always been fascinated with learning how things work – from houses to vehicles. This fascination led me to pursue an education and career in engineering. I was also instilled with a set of values from my family that included taking care of the earth and the people on it. From an early age, I realized that one of the biggest environmental challenges faced in the world today is the pollution associated with the energy that we all use. Because of this, I eventually chose a specific education in Nuclear Engineering and Energy systems.    

I am very proud to have the opportunity to work with the CIPS team and complete meaningful work with First Nation communities.


Corporate Highlights

Relevant Experience = 8 Years

--  Renewable Energy Management – Project Development Intern --

-- Haudenosaunee Development Institute – Environmental Monitor   --

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