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Sustainable Water Front Planning Through Reconciliation Part 2

“Sustainable Waterfront Planning Through Reconciliation” An Online Workshop to discuss Municipal-Indigenous Relationships and Freshwater Protection This webinar will build off the webinar held in June 2022 which aimed to explore the “Truths” of “Truth and Reconciliation” and the importance of understanding our histories and how they have shaped our present.

It also provided a high level understanding of Indigenous connections to water in which we will explore more in this webinar.

This webinar will also aim to further create an understanding of how colonization and assimilation of Indigenous Peoples continue to shape our present and without creating space for our voices, knowledge, and worldviews, will reap havoc on our future.

It will explore work that has been undertaken in Communities and highlight the use of Two-Eyed Seeing and Ethical Space which have been incorporated to ensure that appropriate and adequate plans are being prepared for our collective future.

Presenter: Kerry Ann Charles, CIPS Environment Partnership Co-ordinator

When: Thursday, August 10th at 1pm ET / 10am PT

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