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New Joint Venture for CIPS and Aecon!

Cambium Indigenous Professional Services is pleased to announce it's newest joint venture with the Aecon Group Inc. (Aecon).

The joint venture, aptly named "Aecon CIPS Seven Generations (AC7G)" will provide an Indigenous-led solution for scaffolding and related maintenance work in the Southwestern Ontario region. This is an Indigenous led joint venture for which CIPS will hold a majority interest.

In addition, CIPS will be operating (initially) as a subcontractor to Aecon on existing nuclear projects which will allow the newly formed joint venture to gain additional experience and build more capacity for future projects. This will allow AC7G to expand its services and offerering to related areas in both, nuclear and non-nuclear facilities.

This is great news for both CIPS and Aecon as it will combine Indigenous employment, training and planning expertise of CIPS with Aecon's construction and project management


Cambium Indigenous Professional Services is a proud, wholly owned and operated Indigenous company that has extensive knowledge in the energy sector in addition to having well educated members who are very familiar with nuclear systems.

As a growing Indigenous led company, the AC7G joint venture gives CIPS an opportunity to gain valuable experience and opportunity in the nuclear sector while lending it's vast experience in the Indigenous sector to the AC7G joint venture.

Derived from the Anishnaabe roots of CIPS and the Seventh Generation Teachings which looks to preserve future generations with responsbile (and accountable) present day words, work and actions, AC7G will combine the shared Anishnaabe driven values of CIPS with the technical experience of Aecon.

“We look forward to working with Aecon and establishing our company as a reliable, trusted supplier in this space; creating opportunities for seven generations to come while making a difference today.” Michael Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of CIPS.

Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS) is committed to making a positive difference in the communities it serves via the positive application of both western science and traditional knowledge systems. CIPS mission is to complete our work in a 'good' way that serves to improve the Indigenous economy through knowledge exchanges, cross cultural capacity building efforts and technical excellence.

“Aecon is committed to collaboratively seeking meaningful ways to work together with Indigenous Peoples and this partnership will support sustainable employment and economic advancement in Indigenous communities,” said Thomas Clochard, Executive Vice President, Nuclear & Civil, Aecon. “We look forward to working with our partner and building on our shared values to help create lasting benefits for future generations – providing an Indigenous-led solution for clients in Ontario’s nuclear sector.”

About Cambium Indigenous Professional Services

Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS) is an Indigenous-owned and operated corporation, located on the Curve Lake First Nation, outside of Peterborough, Ontario.

CIPS works on projects that primarily impact Indigenous clients and associated organizations, bringing extensive experience and involvement in the development of Indigenous and community engagement strategies, community energy plans, supporting First Nation communities in the energy sector, and tying corporate Canada’s reconciliation efforts to meaningful projects and outcomes for First Nation people and communities.

CIPS is a Certified Aboriginal Business through the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and is registered with the federal government’s Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business (PSIB) Indigenous Business Directory. To connect with CIPS, visit

About Aecon

Aecon Group Inc. (TSX: ARE) is a national Canadian construction and infrastructure development company with global experience and is proud to be recognized as one of the Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada. Aecon delivers integrated solutions to private and public-sector clients through its Construction segment in the Civil, Urban Transportation, Nuclear, Utility and Industrial sectors, and provides project development, financing, investment and management services through its Concessions segment. To connect with Aecon, visit

For further information:

Jeff Acorn

Senior Director, Nuclear Operations

Aecon Group Inc.

Michael Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer

Cambium Indigenous Professional Services

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