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Challenge #1 - Biodiversity

Download our Biodiversity Field Guide to win monthly prizes.

The people that share the best images will be eligible to win monthly prizes.

What is The Biodiversity Challenge?

Our team is always in the field and, as a result, we get the opportunity to see a number of species the wild.  We challenge you to download our Biodiversity Field Guide e-Book and find species in their natural habitat.  It is a fun and interactive outdoor activity that allows you to explore your environment, look for new to you species and possibly win a prize.

How Does it Work?

Complete the form below.  To ensure it is you, you will be required to verify your email.  Once you have verified your email, the e-book will be sent directly to your email address via PDF.


Free and simple.

Once you have your Field Guide, send us pictures of any of the species via email.  Every month we will profile 5-10 pictures from the field on our social media sites and award various prizes for your efforts.  We want to know what you have seen out there and where just like our ancestors would have shared this information long ago.

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Recipes From The Land - Manoomin (Wild Rice)

(Includes our company's favourite Wild Rice Pudding Recipe from Curve Lake's own Gary Williams)

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