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IESO Indigenous Energy Support Programs

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

--Video transcription below-- Hi, my name is Shayne Hill and I am the Manager of Energy and Infrastructure here at CIPS.

(Blake) Welcome Shayne. Shayne, I want to ask you a few questions about the IESO Indigenous Grants Program. Why is this program (IESO) so important?

(Shayne) It's important because it gives First Nations communities the opportunity to access funding to energy related initiatives.

(Blake) Who can apply?

(Shayne) Any First Nations community or organizations (in some cases).

(Blake) What are some of the eligibility criteria?

(Shayne) It depends. There are 4 (different) programs (that I am aware of) and each of them have different eligibility criteria. The ECB (The Education and Capacity Building Program) helps to increase energy awareness or energy related training among community staff (and) or community members.

The IEP (The Indigenous Energy Projects) focuses on renewable (or transmissions/distribution) projects.

The ICEP (The Indigenous Community Energy and Planning Program) focuses on developing or updating a clean energy plan.

There is the Community Energy Champion (CEC) funding program. That is a $150,000 (grant) for up to 3 years (they may have increased that a bit). This is to hire an energy worker for the community.

(Blake) Thank you Shayne. --End of transcription--

For more information about applying for IESO funding, please see this page here.

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