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How To Write A Proposal For Indigenous Energy Projects and Grants

Updated: May 17

What is a Grant?

Grants are funds that are awarded as part of an application process, usually with set rules on how money can be spent. Government entities and foundations usually award


What is a Contribution?

A contribution is similar, but is usually awarded by a business or individual. Contributions typically have less stipulations and may or may not involve an application


Some other funding instruments include:

  • Loan

  • Financing

  • Donation

  • Crowd Funding

  • Subsidies

  • Tax Credits (if applicable)

Although this workshop focuses on proposal writing and grant applications, aspects of it can likely be applied to any other funding instrument.

What is a Grant Proposal?
  • A way of securing funds for your projects

  • A document or collection of documents designed to persuade the reader to act by providing a donation to you for your project or cause.

  • Requirements can vary greatly - some have lengthy forms to fill out while others may want as little to read as possible.

The Basic Elements of a Grant Proposal


The basic who, what, where, when, why and how


Detailed information about your community or organization

Statement of Need

Details about the problem or issue that will be addressed

Goals and Objectives

Identifies the outcomes of the project


How you plan on carrying out the project

Shared Goals

How your project goals align with the funding program goals


Details of how much you are asking for and how it will be spent

Supporting information

Can include letters of support, approvals, resumes, supporting research, plans, etc.

Community Project Readiness

1) Do you have a clear vision for your project?

2) Start from the end - what does success look like?

3) Work back from there - what are the steps that will get you to success?

4) What kinds of resources will you need to achieve success?