Paige Williams

Climate Adaptation Lead

Anishnaabe-kwe from Curve Lake First Nation

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Trent University

Spirit Statement

My spirit began with my grandparents – Papa, Granny, and Nana. Looking back, I spent a lot of time at their places, but hardly remember being inside. I can remember being outside a lot, playing and exploring, going on bush walks, and fishing from the dock.

Being outside in the company of my grandparents, I inherited their respect for nature and the environment. Growing up with these values, my interests and education were focused on the same. Now I still find myself exploring the same trails I did as a kid, only now I’m able to answer a lot of questions instead of being the one to ask them.


Corporate Highlights

Relevant Experience = 6 Years

--  Curve Lake First Nation Lands & Environment Committee – Community Member --

--  Curve Lake First Nation Rights, Resources & Consultation Committee – Community Member  --

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