Michael is a member of the Curve Lake First Nation and brings a unique leadership profile to the Cambium Aboriginal team.  Michael’s specialty is management consulting for First Nation based issues management.  Mike has worked on projects in health, economic development, housing, infrastructure development and First Nation lands issues.  Mike is a confident project manager and works seamlessly with First Nation/organizational leadership and staff.  Mike is committed to providing relevant, accessible and practical guidance and solutions for First Nation related issues.



Kerry-Ann Charles is a member of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation and is a primary Indigenous Aware Facilitator.  Kerry Ann was proud to serve as an elected Councillor for her Nation and has over 17 years experience working within her community.


Kerry Ann has gained International recognition and is asked to speak across Canada, the US and Mexico in the area of indigenous perspectives on various environment based topics. Kerry Ann’s wide range of career experiences give her a unique perspective that can be very valuable when assisting other organizations wishing to find their balance of consultation, operations and environmental stewardship.



Gary Pritchard is  member of the Curve Lake First Nation,has  has traveled to and worked in 286 First Nation communities. 


Gary brings a wealth of knowledge to both his Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients performing a wide variety of services including: Indigenous Community Planning, land-use/traditional knowledge studies, capacity building, mediator between western science and traditional science and peer reviewer on behalf of Indigenous communities.


One of Gary's greatest strengths is that he is  able to be the one who acts as the bridge between the Indigenous Community and western styles of government.


Administrative Coordinator

Daphne is a member of the Curve Lake First Nation and will be your  session coordinator.  She will handle everything from special requests to payments to cancellations.   If you have any questions pertaining to a session, logistics or your participation, Daphne is here for you!

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