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First Nations


What does the term "Everything stems from the land" mean?

The commonality is that everything stems from the land. It’s being able to communicate it to people that they understand that everything that is provided for them and sustains them (although they go to a store to get it) ultimately comes from the land (at some point). All those (food) origins come from the land. 

To be able to understand that moving forward, especially when you’re looking at climate change (and how things work) and how we should be reconnecting with the land and what sustains us. To be able to understand what these changes in climate (and the effects) are going to be and how we adapt and mitigate. 

It’s so important to be able to observe what’s going on and not just “run tests” much like we do with the scientific stuff where we have these models that we run things through and sort of “guesstimate” what’s going to happen. 

If we can stop and listen to the land and observe what the changes of the land are, they are actually giving us signs and what we should actually be doing and preparing for.  More importantly, how to prepare for (climate) changes moving forward.

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